The Biele Family
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Ship Passenger Logs
Ellis Island Logs

Lists of all the ship passengers with the surname Biele listed in the ship logs that I reviewed.  All were from Europe coming to the United States. 

Ellis Island Logs

The Ellis Island Logs were extracted from the recently released Ellis Island records.  These logs recorded all travelers who passed through Ellis Island and the Port of New York from 1892 to 1924 (the earlier years were destroyed).  These included both new immigrants and other travelers.  Charles F. Biele is listed five times (1920-1924) as he traveled back from his annual summer vacation with his second wife (Louise Blatter Biele) in Europe.   I have sorted these alphabetically at the top and by year at the bottom to facilitate finding passengers traveling together.

Other Ship Logs

This page listed passenger from other sources.  Some are duplicates of the information found in the Ellis Island Logs.