The Biele Family
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544 / 310 E 164th, Bronx, NYC
Haus Biele


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544 / 310 E 164th St, Bronx, NYC

From around 1895 to 1915, the family of Charles F. Biele lived at 310 East 164th Street in the Bronx. The house faced 164th Street and on the right side College Avenue. The house number was originally 544 E. 164th Street and sometime between 1905 and 1910 it changed to 310 E. 164th.  

Haus Biele, Hovestadt, Germany

Haus Biele was built in the town of Hovestadt by Friedrich Karl Biele (the grand father of Caspar Biele) in 1770 originally for an agricultural business. In 1804, a distillery was established and later a Gasthaus or "guest house". The property passed through the family and remained private property through the 1990's.