The Biele Family
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Biele Brenneri

Friedrich Carl Biele

Friedrich Carl Biele is the son of Friedrich Karl Biele and brother of August Clemens Biele.


Friedrich Carl was born in Hovestadt and baptized on May 23, 1768.  He is listed at various times as Carolus Fridericus, Fridericus Carolus and Fritz Carl.  He married Anna Getrudis Busman on Sept 27, 1804.


Friedrich Carl is believed to have started the distillery business (Biele Brennerei) at the family home (Haus Biele)


From the church records of Sankt Stephanus in Oestinghausen:


Wedding record of Fridericus Carol
Godparents: Josephus Carolus Basterdes and Maria Bercke
Marriage:  September 27, 1803 to Anna Getrudis Busman.
The marriage record is hard to read.  It is written in script Latin.  My best translation is as follows:
Husband:  Fridericus Carolus In de Biele, son of Friderici In de Biele and Theresia Volmer, married in Hovestadt.
Wife:  Anna Getrudis Busman, daughter of (I can not read the first name) Busman of Twentrop and (I can not read the first name) Berken.
Children of Carolus Fridericus Biele and Anna Getrudis Busman:
Joannes Fridericus (baptized Jan 1, 1804)
Franciscus Arnoldus (baptized May 8, 1805)