The Biele Family
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I have not been able to determine the exact origin of the name Biele.  Below are some of the possibilities. 

 From Germany? 

Bielefeld is a large city in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhineland - Westphalia) in Germany.  The “feld” in German is “field” in English, but there is no translation of “biele”.  The archivist of Bielefeld did not know either.  He stated that Bielefeld’s name went back to the Middle Ages and there are no records of its origin.

There are also smaller cities in Germany, including Biel and Bielen.

A contact in Germany replied "the 'Biele' is a small river in Schlesien (before WWII German, now Polish). It is situated near Glatz (today Klotzko - near the Czech border)."

 From Slovakia?

The word “biele" translates to “white” in Slovakian.  The name of the Slovak precision flying team (see links page) is the “Biele Albatrosky” which means the “White Albatross”.  There is also a mountain range in Slovakia called the “Biele Karpaty” or “White Carpathian Mountains”.

There are many surnames, especially German, that are similar including Biel, Bielen, Bielefeld, Bielefeldt, and Bielenberger.

A website states that:

"First found in the duchy of Brunswick, where the family emerged in mediaeval times as one of the notable families of the region"

I have never put much faith in these generic family sites, but who knows.

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