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Friedrich Karl Biele
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The majority of my genealogical information is on the Caspar Biele branch of the Biele family.  Caspar was the first Biele of my family to immigrate to the United States.  Please view his page for more detailed information.

My complete branch of the Biele family is:

Frederick Karl Biele (?-?)

August Clemens Bernard Biele (1773-?)

Caspar Biele (1823-1875)

Friedrich Carl (Charles Frederick) Biele (1854-1930)

Carl Frederick Biele (1878-1964)

Charles Edward Biele (1905-1983)

Charles Edward Biele, Jr.



Caspar and his family were from the Westphalia area of western Germany.  I have found other Biele families (possibly related) from the Westphalia area, but also across all of Germany including Baden and Sachen.  I have also located Bieles in Italy and Spain, some originally from Germany, and also in Latvia, England, Poland, and Australia. 

The largest group of Bieles outside of Germany is in the United States.  Many of the families were originally clustered around New York City, though there were also families in the 1800ís in Missouri and Pennsylvania.  Today they are spread throughout the United States from North to South and East to West.  (see Other Biele Families page for more information)

The IGI Germany page provides a summary of all Biele listings from Germany on the International Genealogical Index

See the Biele Records page for links to other pages with Biele information from all families including Social Security Records, New York City Vital Records, New York City Directory Listings, and Ship Logs.