The Biele Family
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Biele Brennerei

The Story of Haus Biele describes the founding of a distillery (Brennerei in German) in 1804.  To the lower left is a label from a bottle of Kümmel. (see note below).  A rough translation of the label is "Hovestadt's oldest Kümmel from the distillery of F. C. Biele in Hovestadt near Soest, founded 1804.  The symbol on the label of the axe and the goose is said to be the crest of the Biele family. 

To the right is a is a picture of the distillery from a 1913 postcard.  Written on it is "Kornbranntwein Brennerei F. C. Biele".  The literal translation of "Kornbranddtwein Brennerei" would be "corn brandy wine distillery", but more generally just a distillery of spirits made from grain.  


Kümmel is a sweet, colorless liqueur flavored with caraway seed, cumin and fennel. Kümmel liqueur was, according to the Dutch, first distilled in Holland during the late 16th century by Erven Lucas Bols. It was then taken to Russia, who is now the principal producer and consumer of kümmel.

Felix Bierhaus, an archivist from Hovestadt has several pages about Haus Biele:





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